[Shadow Tender] WSD 2017 Trailer

About Shadow Tender (shadowtender.com)

Loosely inspired by the concept of the Jungian Shadow, Shadow Tender is about learning to breathe with the full self – untangling the twisted muscle and locked joints, holding monsters close and tight, offering compassion instead of fear, rejection, or judgment.

A working version of Shadow Tender premiered in July of 2017 at World Stage Design at the Taipei National University for the Arts.

Directed by: Natalya Kolosowsky

Magda Kaczmarska (http://magdakaczmarska.com/)
Natalya Kolosowsky (http://www.natalyakolosowsky.com/)
Maria Thomas (http://birdskullstudios.com/)

"Bloom A" remixed by Adam Cooper-Terán from Dathura Suavolens: A Procissão das Almas by (http://antral.net/)
"Mino Rattle" by Sophia Reta - used with permission (https://aarrcc.bandcamp.com/)

Video by  Jiin Ahn 


The High Line Project: The Veins Of the Concrete

Inspired by the constant change of the skyline and structural character of New York City, two artists created an improvised film based on the question about the force of architectural engineering in the city and organic human energy as a vehicle bringing vitality to the city.

Choreography and performed by Diego Briceño
A film by Jiin Ahn

Being Faust - Enter Mephisto


Interaction Media Art

Official website : goethe.de/beingfaust

Created by Goethe Institute Seoul & Nolgong

Excutive Creative Direction by Peter Lee

Creative Direction and Storytelling design by Jiin Ahn

Photography and Videography by Yunsik Lim


“If I sold my friends to find love and get rich … wouldn’t that be a good deal?” 

“Being Faust – Enter Mephisto” is a “big game”. It’s a physical game enriched with online and social media elements, based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s drama “Faust”. 

The game format is unique: A group of players gathers at a specific site at a specific time. Each player assumes the role of young Faust. Equipped with a smartphone and the intention to take life on, the players enter the tempting digital world of MEPHISTO&co., where values and ideals are up for sale. Upon logging into the game, the deal between Faust and MEPHISTO&co. is sealed; the soul sold, and thus begins the game of seduction: how far are the players willing to go? Can success and beauty really be purchased? Is there a way back into “uninvolved pleasure”, to true love and friendship? 

The starting point for this innovative project, which has been developed by Goethe-Institut Korea and NOLGONG, was the question of how and with which means Faust and Mephisto were to meet in the digital age. The universal questions remain the same: What do I value in life? What are my personal values based on? Which price am I willing to pay for success? 

The game is based on a contemporary interpretation of the original play, and was adapted for the digital world in cooperation with playwright Benjamin von Blomberg of Theater Bremen. Development began in 2013, the official launching took place at Seoul Metropolitan Library in September 2014. 

By making use of various virtual and physical game formats, “Being Faust – Enter Mephisto” encourages the players to take a second look at themselves and their digital environment, to compare themselves with other players worldwide, and to take an interest in the literary source. And the game can be played by players of all age groups - it’s fun for people who know Goethe’s “Faust” by heart as well as those who have never read or seen the masterpiece before.



Tolstoy Asks

Tolstoy Asks, 2013

Interaction Media Art

Created by Nolgong & TBWA Korea
Executive creative director : Woonghyun Park
Executive game design director : Peter Lee
Contents designer and Copywriter: Jenny Kim
Art director : Jiin Ahn
Space designer :  Jiin Ahn
Game designer : Jiin Ahn, Eunhyun Park
Programmer and Data designer : Seungbum Kim

"Tolstoy Asks" is an interactive installation and educational Transmedia based on the classic novel “Anna Karenina”. Playeres explore the Russian writer Tolstoy's imaginary library and be asked 39 questions about life, Love and death. 

- Korea mental health Convention 2013
- The future of learning symposium, Goethe institut Tokyo, 2013