Tolstoy Asks

Tolstoy Asks, 2013

Interaction Media Art

Created by Nolgong & TBWA Korea
Executive creative director : Woonghyun Park
Executive game design director : Peter Lee
Contents designer and Copywriter: Jenny Kim
Art director : Jiin Ahn
Space designer :  Jiin Ahn
Game designer : Jiin Ahn, Eunhyun Park
Programmer and Data designer : Seungbum Kim

"Tolstoy Asks" is an interactive installation and educational Transmedia based on the classic novel “Anna Karenina”. Playeres explore the Russian writer Tolstoy's imaginary library and be asked 39 questions about life, Love and death. 

- Korea mental health Convention 2013
- The future of learning symposium, Goethe institut Tokyo, 2013