[Shadow Tender] WSD 2017 Trailer

About Shadow Tender (shadowtender.com)

Loosely inspired by the concept of the Jungian Shadow, Shadow Tender is about learning to breathe with the full self – untangling the twisted muscle and locked joints, holding monsters close and tight, offering compassion instead of fear, rejection, or judgment.

A working version of Shadow Tender premiered in July of 2017 at World Stage Design at the Taipei National University for the Arts.

Directed by: Natalya Kolosowsky

Magda Kaczmarska (http://magdakaczmarska.com/)
Natalya Kolosowsky (http://www.natalyakolosowsky.com/)
Maria Thomas (http://birdskullstudios.com/)

"Bloom A" remixed by Adam Cooper-Terán from Dathura Suavolens: A Procissão das Almas by (http://antral.net/)
"Mino Rattle" by Sophia Reta - used with permission (https://aarrcc.bandcamp.com/)

Video by  Jiin Ahn