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[Shadow Tender] WSD 2017 Trailer

About Shadow Tender (

Loosely inspired by the concept of the Jungian Shadow, Shadow Tender is about learning to breathe with the full self – untangling the twisted muscle and locked joints, holding monsters close and tight, offering compassion instead of fear, rejection, or judgment.

A working version of Shadow Tender premiered in July of 2017 at World Stage Design at the Taipei National University for the Arts.

Directed by: Natalya Kolosowsky

Magda Kaczmarska (
Natalya Kolosowsky (
Maria Thomas (

"Bloom A" remixed by Adam Cooper-Terán from Dathura Suavolens: A Procissão das Almas by (
"Mino Rattle" by Sophia Reta - used with permission (

Video by  Jiin Ahn 


The High Line Project: The Veins Of the Concrete

Inspired by the constant change of the skyline and structural character of New York City, two artists created an improvised film based on the question about the force of architectural engineering in the city and organic human energy as a vehicle bringing vitality to the city.

Choreography and performed by Diego Briceño
A film by Jiin Ahn